17 June 2010
High interest rates is not a universal problem. In fact, China is facing the opposite issue: interest rates charged by MFIs are too low.
16 June 2010
A few weeks ago, CGAP released a study comparing the prices of 16 branchless banking pioneers and 10 traditional banks across eight use cases. We found that the average monthly cost of using a branchless banking service is $3.90 (PPP adjusted) compared with US$4.80 when using a traditional bank. The conclusion: branchless banking is cheaper than traditional banking, but the gap is not as wide as some may think.
14 June 2010
For all the talk about financial services over mobile technology and our aspirations for a cashless society, it is striking to me how far the economies in the U.S. and Europe still have to go.
07 June 2010
An overabundance of capital can trigger irresponsible actions or undue risk-taking on the part of investee companies.