26 January 2017
Man works with dried fish, India
India has put in place virtually all of the supply-side factors that should make low-cost financial services available for all. But the big question right now is the customer. The next year will be telling in how the adoption of digital financial services unfolds.
25 January 2017
Women at a self-help group rally in Madurai, India.
The rapid growth of microfinance in India has led to concerns about a repayment crisis. Some have tempered these worries by pointing to low delinquency rates. But do low delinquency rates tell the whole story?
18 January 2017
Woman farmer, Kenya
New research shows that access to basic financial services via M-PESA made a difference in Kenya, lifting 2 percent of households out of poverty. Were mobile phones or proximity to agents crucial elements driving the change?
17 January 2017
Graphic: Smartphone user testing screen
Smartphone use in Pakistan has grown steadily, but low-income, less educated, and female customers lag in smartphone adoption and ownership. GRID Impact's user research lends insights into how to better serve and design for these population segments.