03 March 2017
This paper explores the landscape of measuring financial inclusion in the Arab world. The Arab Monetary Fund and its task force is working with CGAP, the Alliance for Financial Inclusion, and GIZ, among others, to advance measurement of financial inclusion in the Arab world.
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An artisan is making pots
12 June 2013
Since many youth in Algeria are reluctant to use financial products that charge interest (a violation of Islamic financial principles), the Algerian government set out to to make available a Sharia-compliant product that is both affordable and scalable.
02 February 2012
For the Arab World, 2011 was historic. The year brought much hope and a sense of opportunity as Arabs from the Atlantic Ocean to the Arabian Gulf saw the possibility of a future without dictatorship, corruption and hypocrisy – the reasons underlying the poverty, unemployment, and political grievances which sparked the Arab Spring.