Bosnia and Herzegovina

Institutions providing microfinance services in Bosnia and Herzegovina include microcredit organizations (MCOs) (operating as either non-profit microcredit foundations (MCFs) or for-profit microcredit companies (MCCs)) and commercial banks. Bosnia and Herzegovina consists of two entities, the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republic Srpska. Each entity has its own banking agency, the Banking Agency of the Federation of Bosnia for the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Banking Agency of the Republic Srpska for the Republic Srpska. In both the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republic Srpska, MCOs and commercial banks are supervised by the respective banking agencies.


01 May 2012

This fourth annual Global Microfinance Equity Valuation Survey Report provides benchmarks for the valuation of microfinance equity, both private and publicly listed, to promote market transparency and identify industry trends.

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01 February 2010
This Focus Note distills lessons from four microfinance markets: Nicaragua, Morocco, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), and Pakistan. These countries have all experienced a microfinance repayment crisis after a period of high growth and are important microfinance markets in their respective regions.
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17 December 2011
We need to focus on the real underlying issue and thinking that it is commercialization that is the problem.
11 February 2011
The issue of individual over-indebtedness has been around for a long time in microfinance, but the depth and extent of over-indebtedness that has recently emerged in Andhra Pradesh is quite unprecedented.