11 April 2014
While many banked people already use mobile banking in China, the country also has the potential to emerge as an important success story for branchless banking and financial inclusion and potentially a new paradigm.
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10 August 2012

This paper aims to be a first step in providing a picture of the extent and nature of financial inclusion in the People's Republic of China and the size and characteristics of the unbanked and underbanked market.

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Man looks at a mobile phone, China
16 November 2016
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Digital technologies are changing the financial inclusion landscape worldwide by revolutionizing access to finance, connecting hundreds of millions to formal financial services for the first time. Financial market regulators, supervisors and overseers are racing to keep pace with these developments.
22 May 2015
The 2014 Findex found that of the world’s 500 million newly banked adults, more than one third (180 million) live in China. Three positive trends emerge from this data.