13 January 2016
This working paper aims to provide insights on the role that effective competition and competition policy play in developing MFS, and in turn promoting financial inclusion using Kenya and Tanzania as case countries.
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English (31 pages)
27 October 2015
This Technical Guide is designed to enable policy makers with jurisdiction over market conduct issues, consumer protection organizations, and development agencies to conduct mystery shopping exercises.
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English (108 pages) | Japanese (102 pages)

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Digital credit quote
08 February 2017
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As digital credit expands rapidly in East Africa and elsewhere, offering credit responsibly is becoming increasingly important. These insights from Kenyan merchants who use Kopo Kopo’s Grow cash advance product point toward some best practices for digital merchant credit.
Woman farmer, Kenya
18 January 2017
New research shows that access to basic financial services via M-PESA made a difference in Kenya, lifting 2 percent of households out of poverty. Were mobile phones or proximity to agents crucial elements driving the change?