01 May 2012

This fourth annual Global Microfinance Equity Valuation Survey Report provides benchmarks for the valuation of microfinance equity, both private and publicly listed, to promote market transparency and identify industry trends.

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01 February 2010
This Focus Note distills lessons from four microfinance markets: Nicaragua, Morocco, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), and Pakistan. These countries have all experienced a microfinance repayment crisis after a period of high growth and are important microfinance markets in their respective regions.
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18 December 2013
Nicaragua has made significant strides in consumer protection and financial inclusion since 2005, especially regarding its formalized complaints channel for credit card disputes.
03 May 2012
As our understanding of the factors that lead to customer adoption of branchless banking expands, there is a growing consensus that for international remittances services to reach a significant level of scale, they will require an existing mobile money ecosystem that allows for downstream transactions which give users access to a wider array of cost-effective services and products such as payments and access to savings.