24 May 2018
CGAP shows how an enabling regulatory framework that is based on four enablers has contributed to advancing digital financial services in 10 countries.
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English (36 pages)
10 November 2015
This publication synthesizes learnings from across Zimbabwe, Senegal, Rwanda, and Cambodia, with the aim of providing financial service providers, donors, and other stakeholders with actionable insights into the ingredients for building successful, smallholder-specific digital financial services.
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Woman accesses IREMBO on computer, Rwanda
27 December 2016
Digitizing high-frequency or high-volume payment flows–especially to and from government–can support the growth of a national payments ecosystem and progress towards universal financial inclusion. In Rwanda, several initiatives are developing technology-enabled delivery of government services and digitization of corresponding payments.
Woman stands next to shelves of bananas, Rwanda
22 August 2016
In Rwanda, the government is an active and engaged partner and strong buy-in from political leadership has helped ensure the success of some development interventions. Concern Worldwide’s adaptation of the Graduation Approach targeting vulnerable households is one such example.