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01 December 2015
Absa, a large retail bank in South Africa, introduced gamification as part of a broader strategy to increase customer understanding and awareness of digital products and channels on offer.
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02 November 2012
This report introduces and develops the concept that a proportionate approach to any financial inclusion measure (and specifically to its regulatory and supervisory design and implementation) should seek to optimize the I-SIP linkages:maximizing synergies and minimizing tradeoffs and negative outcomes.
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Busy road in Kenya
01 September 2016
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For people in sub-Saharan Africa getting by on $2-$5/day, on the cusp of poverty but not yet secured in Africa’s middle class, are economic challenges more easily weathered in formal or informal markets?
15 December 2015
An interview with Mmapula Portia Kekana, Director for Employment Assistance at South Africa’s National Department of Social Development, which strives to link social welfare recipients to poverty alleviation programs and economic opportunities.