19 April 2016
This report shares the findings, observations and insights from a nationally-representative survey of smallholder households in Uganda. It examines how smallholder households in Uganda manage their income and expenses,and explores financial inclusion in the smallholder sector.
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08 February 2016
Over three-quarters of the population in Uganda are involved in the agriculture sector. Yet despite their active financial and agricultural lives, smallholders in Uganda have few tools to manage their irregular and volatile household cash flows.
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A Ugandan smallholder walks along a dirt road with her bike.
12 March 2018
Agricultural lending remains a frontier area even as the alternative lending space fills up with new players. Here are some early insights from CGAP's work on alternative credit scoring for smallholder farmers in Uganda.
25 January 2018
FinTech startups in developing markets are leveraging partnerships to reach customers as diverse as women's savings groups, dairy cooperatives and smallholder farmers.