Human-Centered Design and Financial Inclusion

October 16, 2014 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM EDT
World Bank Headquarters: 1818 H Street, NW, 13th Floor, Room 121, Washington, DC

Insights into Action: What Human-Centered Design Means for Financial Inclusion

Join CGAP and partners for a discussion about the applications of human-centered design in financial inclusion. Human-centered design (HCD) is a process that has been used for decades to create solutions and develop breakthrough products such as Bank of America's Keep the Change and Proctor and Gamble's Swiffer. In HCD, the end user is front and center of the entire design process from sourcing deep insights to concept generation to rapid prototyping. CGAP experimented with using HCD techniques for financial inclusion in seven projects around the world, all with a particular emphasis on digital financial services.

Join us to hear from our design partners and the digital financial service providers we worked with who will share their experiences, the challenges faced and the lessons they learned from the application of human-centered design. CGAP will also share what we learned globally about low-income customers and financial services as well as the basic design principles that all providers serving them should keep in mind.

At the event, CGAP will launch a multimedia publication developed in conjunction with that summarizes the lessons learned from all of our HCD projects.

Event Participants:

Peter Gross, Regional Director-Africa, Microensure
Iwan Sugondo, SVP Head of Products, Marketing and Customer Experience, BTPN
Aaron Britt, Senior Editor,
Robert Fabricant, Co-Founder & Principal, Design Impact Group (DIG), Dalberg
Harry West, Senior Partner, Prophet (former CEO of Continuum Innovation)
Yanina Seltzer, Financial Sector Analyst, CGAP
Claudia McKay, Financial Sector Specialist, CGAP

Join us for cocktails after the event. 

Please RSVP to attend and bring photo ID with you.


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Looking forward to having everyone join us at the event! We promise it'll be quite interesting. See you all next week.

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