The Kenya Financial Diaries Project

September 9, 2014 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM EDT
900 19th Street NW, 5th floor, Room 165, Washington, DC 20006

How are low income people managing their money in the context of Kenya’s mobile banking revolution?  

CGAP invites you to join a brown bag lunch presentation on Tuesday, September 9 at 12 EST about the Kenya Financial Diaries project. Julie Zollmann of Bankable Frontier Associates will present on the study, an in-depth look at the financial lives of 300 Kenyan households in five areas of the country over an entire year.

Applying the same methodology that brought us Portfolios of the Poor, the study reveals complex financial lives among people very actively managing their money but struggling to balance the competing needs of liquidity management and investment. The September 9 presentation will cover both the study’s high level findings alongside some particular findings and insights around digital payments in the Kenyan context.

Registration is required. Please RSVP here.


Submitted by Bob Currin on

I live and work in South Africa so attending the presentation is not possible but I would love to receive a copy of the presentation.

Submitted by Edom Tsegaye on

I also live and work in Ethiopia but would be grateful to receive a copy of the presentation. Thank you in advance!

Submitted by Fakhrul Islam on

Please send me a copy of the presentation, shall be grateful. Thank you and regards.

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