Live Chat: Financial Diaries of Smallholders

May 5, 2015 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM EDT
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Early insights are emerging from CGAP's work with smallholder households, which is centered on the Financial Diaries of Smallholders. This project designed to enhance the understanding of the financial lives of smallholder families by capturing the cash flows  of 270 households in Mozambique, Tanzania, and  Pakistan over one year of their lives. The ultimate goal of this research is to translate the insights from the Smallholder Diaries into financial tools and provider practices that more effectively respond to the needs and preferences of this important client group.

On May 5, 2015, CGAP's Jamie Anderson and Bankable Frontier Associates' Wajiha Ahmed and Kristy Bohling to discussed the progress of CGAP's Financial Diaries of Smallholder Households project and the early insights that are unfolding during a live web chat.


You can read the chat transcript below.

Live Blog Live Chat: Financial Diaries of Smallholders


Submitted by Rebecca Aguilar on

I'm interested in this field and currently involved in two short term strategy consulting projects that could use insight from these business case studies.

Submitted by Shimon Simon on

I want to learn more about Smallholder Diaries into financial tools and provider practices inorder to empower the marginalized Communities in rural.

Submitted by Anonymous on

I am very interested in this area. We already have a financial diary and would like to share knowledge that would improve interest and usage

Submitted by Robyn Robertson on

Yes, we are working with ADB in the Solomons working with smallholder farmers on outer islands - just finishing Quantitative work with over 600 households, and Qualitative ethnographic work over past 3 months on the ground... Very interested in the early insights from this project


Submitted by Schwan Shawani on

I highly recommend this book for any one interested in learning more about the portfolios of the poor:
Portfolios of the Poor: How the World's Poor Live on $2 a Day. Just Google it and will find how to purchase.


Submitted by Azad on

I am eager to learn more from financial diaries and small holders group. Presently I am working with more than 700 group around 20 thousand member and their savings more then BDT50 million which developed through Participatory Action Research (PAR).

Submitted by tomas conde on

why this Smallholder initiative is so important to financial inclusion? Give us some figures to understand it pls.