Live Chat: Innovation for Product Design

April 18, 2013 4:00 PM to 4:30 PM EDT
Online only,

CGAP executed three Applied Innovation Products in Mexico, Brazil and Uganda to understand how customer-centric design can be tailored to achieve better financial service offerings for the poor. Collaborating with a variety of partners, including large-scale commercial banks, MNOs and specialized design firms, CGAP set out to understand customers' needs and to use this insight to create branchless banking products that people actively use.

Now that the design phase of the three projects are complete, key lessons are emerging. On 18 April, Patrice Martin, Co-Lead and Creative Director at, and CGAP's Claudia McKay and Yanina Seltzer discussed the findings so far and how these methodolgies might be applied in the future in a live web chat. The transcript of this chat follows below. 


Submitted by Deo on

I think that throughout West and East Africa, all innovation can succeed easily. Have you ever think about what is wrong in general in Central Africa for all innovation to never succeed? Shouldn't it be because of the rigidity of the regulating system and instruments or the misunderstanding of who should be considered as a poor for microfinance? I'd like to get more light about what is wrong in that area

Submitted by Rakiya Dotti on

What are the applied innovation products? how does it assist the poor? may i have access to the products, in order to replicate it in my in my village, Please? When are the products going to be tasted in west Africa? Thank You.

Submitted by Chris Mawuli Hlovor on

Having studied Innovation and try to look at it through the mirrors of poverty, The poor is the focus of attention but at the end of the product design don;t you think most of the poor's plight are worsen that before?

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