Live Web Chat: How Can MFIs Leverage M-Banking?

August 27, 2013 2:00 PM to 2:45 PM EDT
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CGAP's Sarah Rotman and Michel Hanouch recently published a new Focus Note, Microfinance and Mobile Banking: Blurring the Lines?which found that to date, MFIs successful in using m-banking are located in mature markets where the mobile and agent infrastructures are in place, and where customers have experience with viable mobile payments solutions. The benefits of m-banking services to MFIs largely depend on the success of the existing m-banking service itself. In markets where m-banking is strong, MFIs and their customers can more easily benefit. 

Rotman and Hanouch participated in a live web chat and answered questions about how MFIs can best leverage mobile banking to benefit their customers on 27 August 2013. The transcipt follows. 


Submitted by Abdel lawani on

interesting topic and so useful to tackle the issue of the high rate of unbanked populations

Submitted by Cinde Rawn on

We are a U.S. based nonprofit doing work in Peru. We have two streams of revenue. First is payments for textile purchases from artisans. The second is grant monies awarded to artisans after the sale of textiles in the US. Since 9/11 the movement of grant monies has been restricted/monitored more heavily. This mobile process seems so simple, but can grants move in this way, and still be within regulations? Currently we send grants from the US through other NGO's in the US and Peru that are set up to do this and pay fees for this service.

Submitted by Cinde Rawn on

I assume you will go over the process of how to set up service for us in the US and also in the areas in which we work. Or, if not, will you give access to the information on how to do this?

Submitted by Cinde Rawn on

Do you know the current status on mobile banking in Peru. I can find articles from last year, but I suspect a lot has changed.

Submitted by Laurent on

Can we receive the transcript of live chat please ?
Our firewall here did block our access to chat window . We were able to follow on our mobile though (however not practical to interact with you guys, sorry...). We'll fix that for next time.

Submitted by escronce on

Hi there, 

Sure, happy to send you a transcript, sorry about the firewall. Would you mind posting your email address here so I can send you the transcript? I will delete this thread immediately afterwards so that your email address won't be public.



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