Online Chat: Making the Case for Youth Savings

August 26, 2014 2:00 PM to 2:30 PM EDT

The youth segment represents a promising market full of potential for financial service providers – the youth of today are the customers of tomorrow. While offering youth formal financial services can pay off for financial service providers in the long run, there are unique challenges to banking youth. 

CGAP’s recently published Focus Note The Business Case for Youth Savings provides a framework for financial service providers to make sense of the business considerations when entering or being active in the youth savings market. 

How will the business case for youth evolve over time? And what role can the public sector play to create an enabling environment for the provision of financial services for young people? 

Ruth Dueck-Mbeba, Program Manager, Financial Inclusion at The MasterCard Foundation, Tanaya Kilara, Financial Sector Analayst at CGAP, and Barbara Magnoni, President of EA Consultants, joined an online chat addressing these questions and discussing what makes business sense for banking with youth. 

Read the chat transcript below:


Submitted by Janak Parekh on


Its a really good thgings for Youth and development of everybody.


Submitted by Peter Nzebile on

I really want to be part of this online chat as the Executive Director of CAFFI ( Consultative Accaletors for Financial Inclusion ) a newly created organization based in Cameroon - Central Africa working with MNOs in Cameroon, Chad, Congo, Gabon, CAR and Equatorial Guinea) with the objective of accelerating the growth and use and growth of mobile financial services for schemes such as youth and women savings etc.

Submitted by Bariti Thomas on

There is a lot of focus on the business community by most financial institutions. We do not see potential in the school going people who in one year or two would be out there engaging in business and therefore add up to our customers.

Submitted by eduardo suescun on

Good afternoon,
I couldn't attend todays call. will there be another one soon? are you sending the memoir of the metting?

Thank you for your attention

Submitted by escronce on


There was no "call" for this event - it was an online-only chat. The full text transcript is on this page, above. 

Thanks for your interest.

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