Web Chat: Financial Inclusion in Latin America

February 19, 2013 3:30 PM to 4:00 PM EST
Online only, CGAP.org

In 2012, Latin American countries saw continued and increased efforts on financial inclusion across the region by providers and policymakers, although it was not a year without challenges around what is “healthy” or “sustainable” market development. In a recent blog post, Xavier Faz and Rafe Mazer discussed three key developments in Latin America's financial inclusion space: the launch of key mobile banking initiatives, increased regulatory space for non-banks in financial services and rising levels of consumer lending and household debt levels.

On February 19, 2013, Rafe and Xavier answered questions about Latin America's financial inclusion agenda during a live web chat. A transcript follows.


Submitted by Ashna on

What happens if MFIs clients default on these? What happens if they go in debt?
How to ensure utmost productiveness with the loan provided by the MFI?
What can be some solutions for microfinance to better reach underserved areas? why are these areas hard-to-reach in the first place?
Will including everyone (including the poor) in the economy, benefit the world economy?

Submitted by Mariana Martinez on

1- Do you think that mobile banking initiatives will become an alternative banking model in Latin America? Can you provide examples of MFIs already working on that models in the region?

2- In the context of MFIs reaching fewer people living in extreme poverty (The State of the Microfinance Summit Campaign Report 2013) do you think mobile banking inititatives in LATAM could help MFIs to reach more difficult and unserved markets?

Submitted by Ingrid on

How is financial inclusion being integrated in programs for market access and vice versa? Are these two areas being addressed simultaneously by the same people?

Submitted by Verónica López on

In your opinion, which three countries in Latin America are taking the lead in financial inclusion? What are the main drivers in those lead countries? Could they be mainstreamed as best practices for the region?

Submitted by Jojo on

Do you see any ongoing mobile financial services initiative in the region going the right path of consumer adoption even if it is a bit early? What do you think are they doing right?

Submitted by Djibril on

LAC region is known as a region with a large variety of financial providers including financial cooperatives. What is to date the place of financial cooperatives in the financial inclusion landscape? How financial institutions perform on corporate governance?

Submitted by Marco Cruz on

Hola Xavier, existe algún foro en el que CGAP apoye a las instituciones bancarias en el "cabildeo" con autoridades para lograr la adaptación de la ley que permita ser más felxible en aspectos de "bancarización?, gracias