CGAP Announces Winners of 2012 Photography Contest

23 October 2012


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Washington, D.C., 23 October 2012: The winner of the 2012 CGAP Photo Contest is Yavuz Sariyildiz of Turkey. His photo won out over a record number of 2,500 entries from professional and non-professional photographers from over 80 countries around the world. The photo, “Smoke of Charcoal,” depicts men separating charcoal in order to sell at a local market.

“I started photography in 2004. Immediately, it became a passion,” said Sariyildiz, who was previously assistant general manager responsible for small and medium enterprises at a leading Turkish bank. “After 25 years of my banking career I quit in 2009. Now I am a full time freelance photographer. My banking experience is helping me communicate easily with very small producers and enterprises to create new documentary projects. Now I am still working with them, but this time the subject is their lives through photography.”

A full gallery of the winning photos is available here.

The judges also selected 28 other photos from around the world as finalists, which were highlighted for their technical skill, emotional impact or ability to convey the story of financial inclusion. Of particular note was the third prize winner, “Happiness,” from Wang Xiaohong of China, which the judging panel commended for its emotional energy.

For the first time this year, a popular vote on also determined a People’s Choice winner.  The winning photo, “The Book Suffers,” portrays a bookseller in one of Baghdad’s largest markets.

Photographers from over 80 countries made this the most competitive year so far in the Contest, now in its seventh year. The panel of judges consisted of Anne Farrar, Photo Editor at The Washington Post, Chris Combs, Photo Editor at National Geographic, Suzanne Lemakis, Director of Fine Art at Citigroup, and Susan Sterner, Director of New Media Photojournalism at the Corcoran School of Art and Design.

The annual CGAP Photo Contest aims to highlight stand-out photography from amateurs and professionals depicting microfinance around the world. The Contest draws thousands of entries from all regions. Over the years, the photo contest has resulted in a remarkable set of images, showcasing the different ways in which poor households use microfinance and how financial inclusion can improve the lives of the poor. This year’s grand prize is a $2,000 gift certificate for photography equipment and accessories.

Email Jeanette Thomas at [email protected] for further inquiries about the annual CGAP Photo Contest.

Full list of Winners of the 2012 CGAP Photo Contest

Grand Prize
Smoke of Charcoal
Yavuz Sariyildiz, Turkey

Second Prize
Warmhouse in Siberia
Andrey Rudakov, Russia

Third Prize
Wang Xiaohong, China

People’s Choice
The Book Suffers
Qayssar Alwarda, Iraq

Sub-Saharan Africa Regional Winner
Harvesting Seaweed
Wim Opmeer, Tanzania

Middle East and North Africa Regional Winner
Reza Golchin, Iran

Latin America and Caribbean Regional Winner
Haitian Artist
Joseph Molieri, Haiti

South Asia Regional Winner
Dry Fish
KM Asad, Bangladesh

East Asia and Pacific Regional Winner
Bean Seller
Mohammad Nazri bin Sulaiman, Indonesia

Special Mentions
Dinh Manh Tai, Vietnam

Craftsman of Ceramic
Yavuz Sariyildiz, Turkey

Musical Shop
Kaushik Majumder, India

Siberian Fisherman
Andrey Rudakov, Russia

Against the Wind
Vo Anh Kiet, Vietnam

To Catch Fish
Ngo Quang Phuc, Vietnam

Alabio Duck Shepherd
Andi Sucirta, Indonesia

Traditional Boat Makers
Andi Sucirta, Indonesia

Floating Market
Andi Sucirta, Indonesia

Thread Factory
Joydeep Mukherjee, India

Women Shop
Joydeep Mukherjee, India

Miles to Go
Prakash Hatvalne, India

The Slivery Dreams
Abdul Aziz Apu, Bangladesh

Drying Paddy
Mohammad Moniruzzaman, Bangladesh

Chicken Barbecue
Yavuz Sariyildiz, Turkey

Anvar Khodzhaniyavoz, Uzbekistan

Seasonal Worker
Erkan Kalenderli, Turkey

Goat Feeder
Omer Gencal, Turkey

Anchovy Season
Ngo Quang Phuc, Vietnam

Mobile Credit Officer
Ariel Slaton, Nicaragua

The Machinist
Raniel Jose Castaneda, The Philippines

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