Digital Finance Plus in Action: Grundfos Water Stations

Grundfos is just one example of a company putting Digital Finance Plus into action. In this case, mobile money is making access to clean water a reality.

Grundfos uses water stations powered by solar energy to provide poor communities in Kenya access to clean water. People get their water from the Grundfos dispensers by using a pre-paid system token powered by mobile phones and mobile money accounts. Their token operates the water pump, and people add credit to it through their M-Pesa mobile wallet. One liter of water costs about 3 Ksh. "The mode of payment is free from corruption because there is no exchange of cash," notes Nickson Parmisa, Chief of Athi River North. The water pilot in Athi River, Kenya, is just one example of Digital Finance Plus: mobile money making utilities and services more accessible.

Written and Produced by Jeanette Thomas, June 2014