Salam: More than a Greeting for Pakistan's Smallholders

The Wasil Foundation offers an alternative, Sharia-compliant financing option for the country's 6 million smallholder farmers.

The Wasil Foundation, winner of the 2013 Islamic Microfinance Challenge, offers an alternative financing option for the country's more than 6 million smallholder farmers. In a place where access to financial services is extremely limited, smallholders value Wasil's product, called Salam. An advance purchase agreement against future delivery of a crop, Salam leaves the decisionmaking to farmers, enables them to build assets, and helps them establish sustainable livelihoods.

Written by: Nadine Chehade and Erin Stock, CGAP, 2015
Directed and Edited by: Tabish Habib
Produced by: Piphany Productions