Focus Note
20 August 2013
This paper addresses options MFIs have to leverage m-banking; experiences of MFIs that have served as agents for m-banking ; benefits for MFIs and their customers; why some MFIs hold off on m-banking; and new innovative microfinance business models. READ MORE »
Focus Note
22 October 2013
Emerging evidence from countries benefiting from donor and DFI interventions that are coordinated, catalytic, and responsive to the market show significant increases in access to financial services. READ MORE »
06 August 2013
This Brief outlines lessons learned from the rise, fall, and ongoing recovery of the Moroccan microcredit sector that may be useful when adapted in other countries in similar situations. READ MORE »

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11 April 2014
While many banked people already use mobile banking in China, the country also has the potential to emerge as an important success story for branchless banking and financial inclusion and potentially a new paradigm.
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24 March 2014
To develop a deeper and organizational level of understanding customers, a cross-functional team at Janalakshmi, a microfinance institution in India serving over a million customers in urban areas, applied a design thinking process facilitated by innovation consultants.This brochure describes the process and the tool used to create customer profiles.
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05 March 2014
This case study discusses the design and implementation of the Ti Manman Cheri conditional cash transfer program in Haiti as well as the experiences of stakeholders and overall lessons learned from this program.
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