24 May 2016
This report examines how smallholder families in Tanzania manage their income and expenses, along with the challenges they face that often lead to financial instability. These findings are based on a nationally representative survey of smallholder households conducted in 2015. READ MORE »
Picto-chart of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals
22 April 2016
While the SDGs do not explicitly target financial inclusion, greater access to financial services is a key enabler for many of them. By reviewing the research on the link between financial inclusion and development, this working paper shows where and how financial services can help achieve the SDGs. READ MORE »
Smiling woman holds cash, Uganda.
27 April 2016
As impact investing continues to gain traction, DFIs and social investors have a unique opportunity to use their equity funding instrument to contribute further to the development of financially inclusive markets and achieve sustainable impact. READ MORE »

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CGAP publications cover a wide range of financial inclusion topics and are a premier resource for stakeholders interested in advancing financial access for the world’s poor. We focus on evidence-based research and each paper goes through a rigorous peer-review process.

30 September 2016
This study aims to map the market system for DFS in WAEMU, including key actors in supply and demand, rules (e.g., regulations for e-money, telecommunications, competition), and supporting functions (e.g., agent networks, information providers); identify systemic constraints or root causes that explain why the DFS market is currently not serving the needs of low-income populations; and identify opportunities for triggering systems-level change.
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English (132 pages) | French (151 pages)
26 September 2016
Customer centricity allows organizations to better serve customers and solve the most common business challenges of acquisition, retention, and expansion. The CGAP Business Challenges Booklet offers guidance on how to overcome these three issues and shows how organizations have moved beyond them.
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English (24 pages)
26 September 2016
Financial service providers have a great opportunity to create value by designing and delivering customer experience based on a granular understanding of needs. The CGAP Customer Experience Toolkit equips organizations to create empowering customer experiences.
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English (59 pages)
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