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19 December 2017
The 2017 CGAP Cross-Border Funder Survey sheds light on key trends and development in international funding for financial inclusion. It shows that funder commitments to financial inclusion reached a historic high of US$37 billion in 2016.
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05 March 2014
This case study examines the design and implementation of the 4Ps conditional cash transfer program in the Philippines, explains the experiences of stakeholders and presents lessons learned.
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29 January 2013
The report finds that Myanmar’s banking sector so far has found it commercially challenging to extend financial access to the poor. As a result, fewer than 20 people out of 100 have access to formal financial services, with most people relying on family savings or costly alternatives such as informal money lenders.
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10 August 2012

This paper aims to be a first step in providing a picture of the extent and nature of financial inclusion in the People's Republic of China and the size and characteristics of the unbanked and underbanked market.

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15 January 2010
This update of CGAP’s 2009 “Diagnostic Report on the Legal and Regulatory Environment for Branchless Banking in Indonesia” incorporates research conducted by CGAP in January 2010.
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15 January 2010
This update of CGAP's 2008 "Notes on Regulation of Branchless Banking in the Philippines" incorporates research conducted by CGAP in January 2010.
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01 February 2005

This Brief presents guidelines intended to help MFIs provide the appropriate range of emergency and longer term assistance to their clients, while helping both MFIs and donors ensure the ultimate mission of the MFI--to be a sustainable provider of financial services--is not compromised.

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