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23 October 2017
Despite significant funding for financial inclusion efforts worldwide—an estimated US$34 billion was committed as of 2015—approximately 2 billion adults remain excluded from the formal financial system. How do funders of financial inclusion programs know if and how development programs are making a difference?
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17 January 2017
The paper reviews how USAID, through two programs and in partnership with a series of market actors, helped change the microfinance market dynamics in the Philippines—from a specialized activity with limited outreach and highly dependent on subsidized credit, to a more inclusive and robust market-driven segment of the financial sector.
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03 September 2015
These guidelines are intended to provide guidance for funders promoting financial inclusion or pro-poor financial services markets as part of their development mandate. The target audience includes multilateral and bilateral donors, development finance institutions, and foundations.
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02 July 2014
This Technical Guide is aimed at funders interested in analyzing their effectiveness in financial inclusion. It describes the methodology of the SmartAid Index and explains how to use SmartAid.
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22 April 2014
This paper seeks to explore the concept of a responsible exit along four strategic decisions: the timing of the equity sale, buyer selection, the governance and use of shareholder agreements to achieve social objectives, and how social and financial returns are balanced when selecting among bids.
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03 December 2012
This Technical Guide presents the portfolio review as an evaluation method that can help funders learn from what they fund.
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01 October 2011

This Brief addresses the recent movement toward responsible finance, which has shaped the industry's belief that financial service providers have a responsibility to deliver financial services in a way that is transparent, fair, safe, and likely to generate benefits for poor clients.

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15 July 2011

This paper highlights emerging lessons from the public funders that have been engaged in branchless banking. The goal is to help other funders consider the role they might play in this area. Branchless banking offers the potential to fundamentally transform the way low-income clients can access financial services.

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01 September 2010

The purpose of this publication is to establish clear guidelines for MIVs reporting to investors. The recommended disclosures include key information on MIVs’ profiles.

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01 May 2010

This Technical Guide presents the rationale for the use of performance-based agreements and suggests ways to incorporate performance-based targets and incentives into existing loan and grant agreements.

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