Focus Note
12 May 2014
This Focus Note presents the evidence gained from a comprehensive study of the experiences in developing and implementing e-payment schemes linked to financial inclusion in Haiti, Kenya, the Philippines, and Uganda. READ MORE »
22 April 2014
This paper seeks to explore the concept of a responsible exit along four strategic decisions: the timing of the equity sale, buyer selection, the governance and use of shareholder agreements to achieve social objectives, and how social and financial returns are balanced when selecting among bids. READ MORE »
Focus Note
29 April 2014
This paper proposes that the accumulating body of evidence supports policy makers’ assessments that developing inclusive financial systems is an important component for economic and social progress on the development agenda. READ MORE »
Working Paper
11 April 2014
While many banked people already use mobile banking in China, the country also has the potential to emerge as an important success story for branchless banking and financial inclusion and potentially a new paradigm. READ MORE »

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CGAP publications cover a wide range of financial inclusion topics and are a premier resource for stakeholders interested in advancing financial access for the world’s poor.
We focus on evidence-based research and each paper goes through a rigorous peer-review process.

15 September 2014
This Focus Note addresses the question: what does it take to facilitate a sustainable, commercially viable market for capacity building services delivered to financial service providers?
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09 September 2014
This Focus Note provides an overview of recent relevant FATF standards and guidance, highlighting opportunities for financial inclusion-friendly policymaking to fight money laundering and terrorist financing.
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04 September 2014
This Technical Guide serves as a how-to manual for others seeking to implement the model piloted by the CGAP-Ford Foundation Graduation Program.
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