Carrot farmer, Bangladesh
30 May 2017
CGAP conducted a nationally representative survey of smallholder households in Bangladesh in 2016. The survey explored the agricultural and nonagricultural activities, financial practices and interests, and challenges and aspirations of smallholder families in Bangladesh. READ MORE »
Woman fills a container with water
26 April 2017
This Brief on digital finance in the water sector looks at how people currently access water service, and finds that it varies from urban to peri-urban to rural areas. READ MORE »
Apps in India Cover
27 March 2017
Smartphone applications offer a powerful tool for financial service providers to offer services to their customers—if done right. CGAP reviewed six smartphone apps currently available in India to find out what design elements are essential to fully deliver on the promise of marrying a financial service with a smartphone interface. READ MORE »

About Publications

CGAP publications cover a wide range of financial inclusion topics and are a premier resource for stakeholders interested in advancing financial access for the world’s poor. We focus on evidence-based research and each paper goes through a rigorous peer-review process.

03 August 2018
The CGAP Customer-Centric Guide explores challenges, strategies, and actions that lead to value for the business and for the customer.
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English (20 pages)
09 July 2018
Learn about how distributed ledger technologies can be applied to agricultural finance in developing countries.
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English (4 pages)
05 July 2018
This CGAP VI (FY 2019-2023) strategy articulates how CGAP’s work program is evolving in a period of rapid change.
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English (51 pages)
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