Merchant Payments: How to Unlock the Space

Merchant payments are emerging as an increasing priority for digital financial services providers across emerging markets. The retail space holds the promise of new potential revenue streams, deepened customer engagement and vastly increased transaction data on which to build new products. 

Yet even large, successful providers in mature markets have so far struggled to gain the kind of tractions they hope to see. Why? This blog series provides CGAP's view on some of the key challenges and offers ideas for how they might be overcome. It is accompanied by four publications that go more deeply into the content and provide hands-on guidance for providers who want to apply it to their business. 



A merchant sells tea
01 November 2017
Payments providers in emerging markets could earn billions if more merchants start accepting digital payments. But what are the opportunities for poor customers?
05 October 2017
Shifting retail payments away from cash to digital instruments will require strong buy-in from end customers, who tend to like cash. How might they be persuaded?
A lantern maker in the Philippines
25 September 2017
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Competition is heating up among digital financial services providers looking to stake a dominant position in the $35 trillion global retail payments market. But this could be a market where cooperation will be as important as competition for success.
Craftswoman in Ecuador
18 September 2017
Bundling digital payments with services that address common challenges for merchants could expand access to finance for small businesses.
07 September 2017
The card industry once faced a challenge in retail payments familiar to today’s mobile money providers: competitors were building their own acceptance networks, limiting the usefulness of their services. The card industry’s solution could hold a valuable lesson for today.