Digital Finance for Global Health

The global health sector is beginning to experiment and see some success with the use of digital financial services. With the cost savings from more efficient payment mechanisms, for example, health providers can sustainably reach more people with their services. Savings, credit and remittance products delivered over digital channels are helping low-income customers to afford potentially life-saving treatments. And digital microinsurance products provide a safety net for low-income customers, helping prevent people from slipping deeper into poverty due to a health emergency. 
This blog series presents the ways in which digital financial services can be used to advance global health goals and explores emerging use cases. 

A pharmacist assists patients at a pharmacy in Kenya
11 September 2018
Mobile health wallet M-TIBA bundles savings, credit, insurance and remittance products to help Kenyans cover health care expenses.
A pediatrician examines a child in a Nairobi hospital.
10 July 2018
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Bundling microinsurance with other mobile financial products is making health insurance more affordable and useful for low-income patients in Kenya.
Registered nurse vaccinates a child for polio in Beirut, Lebanon
12 December 2017
Digital finance is just beginning to realize its potential in the health care sector. Take a look at some early examples of how digital financial services are contributing to the goal of universal health coverage.