Focus Areas


How can financial service providers provide products and services that poor customers will not only choose but use? A focus on the customer is essential. Read More »

Digital Financial Services

Unbanked people are increasingly gaining access to financial services through digital channels. Read More »

Donors and Investors

Donors and investors commit billions of dollars each year to projects that promote financial inclusion. Read More »

Financial Innovation for Smallholder Families

There are an estimated 500 million smallholder farming households representing 2 billion people relying to various degrees on agricultural production for their livelihoods. Read More »

Financial Services

Poor households in the informal economy need access to a full range of financial services to generate income, build assets, smooth consumption, and manage risks. Read More »

Global Policy Architecture

There is growing awareness among policy makers of the many ways that financial inclusion can benefit their countries and citizens. Read More »

Graduation into Sustainable Livelihoods

The CGAP-Ford Foundation Graduation Program aims to understand how safety nets, livelihoods, and microfinance can be sequenced to create pathways out of extreme poverty. Read More »

Impact and Measurement

Recent evidence indicates that inclusive financial services directly impact people by helping them smooth consumption, manage risks, and invest in microenterprises. Read More »

Protecting Customers

Consumer protection is an essential element of any inclusive financial system. Read More »

Financial Inclusion

An increasing body of evidence shows that appropriate financial services can help improve household welfare and spur small enterprise activity. Read More »