Donors and Investors

The set of topics within this section addresses issues relating to the supply of financial services for low income and poor clients.

Today a broad range of cross-border and local funders invest commercially or contribute philanthropic or public funds to financial inclusion. Several topics here address the landscape of grant funding and commercial investment; how to invest effectively; and commercial microfinance valuations.

The balance between commercial imperatives and social objectives goes to the core purpose and origins of microfinance and financial inclusion. This section also offers commentary and further resources on issues of concern to providers of financial services for low income and poor clients including social performance; MFI governance; and the emerging topic of responsible finance.


27 October 2014
This Focus Notes discusses lessons learned through the implementation of the SmartAid Index--a tool launched by CGAP in 2007 to measure and improve the effectiveness of funders in supporting financial inclusion.
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20 October 2014
The SmartAid Index measures whether funders are set up to support financial inclusion effectively. It is based on the simple premise that strong internal management systems lead to better projects on the ground.
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04 April 2014
In the second in our series on failure, we learn some key lessons from the Grameen Foundation's AppLab Money.
11 December 2013
Upon realizing that rural community water projects were often unsustainable due to poor accounting systems, Grundfos conceptualized a pay-as-you-go (PAYGO) model that improves community water management by increasing transparency and reducing the reliance on cash.