Humanitarian Crises: Financial Services Can Improve Resilience

CGAP and the World Bank Group’s State and Peacebuilding Fund released a timely report that sheds light on the importance of quality financial services during periods of humanitarian crises.

CGAP Finds Technology Alone Cannot Deliver Successful Interoperability

No matter how well designed the technology, interoperability in digital financial services will not reach its full potential unless the right business structure and incentives are in place, CGAP found in its new report.

New Report: “Microfinance Funds–10 years of Research and Practice”

The report on microfinance investment vehicles (MIV), co-published by CGAP and Symbiotics, compiles and analyzes ten years of research on global microfinance funds.

CGAP Photo Contest Winners Capture Empowerment, Resilience, Innovation

CGAP today announced its 2016 Photo Contest winner as Zay Yar Lin from Myanmar.

CGAP and FarmDrive Announce Partnership

CGAP and FarmDrive announced their partnership to explore the use of satellite-based imagery to help predict and solve the financial needs of smallholder farmers.

CGAP Launches Citi Foundation-Funded East Asia Program

The Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP) launched today the East Asia Digital Financial Inclusion Program funded by the Citi Foundation.

National Survey Details Financial Lives of Smallholders in Tanzania

CGAP, in collaboration with the Financial Sector Deepening Trust (FSDT), launched today the results of a nationally representative survey detailing how smallholder households in Tanzania manage their unpredictable income and financial challenges.

Digital Financial Tools Hold Promise to Improve Aid Delivery

Leaders from the public, private, and non-profit world said today that digital financial tools such as mobile-phone based money transfers hold great promise to improve the delivery of financial assistance during humanitarian crises.

Grand Duchess of Luxembourg Addresses CGAP Meeting

Her Royal Highness the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg addressed the opening of the annual meeting of CGAP.

New CGAP Report: Smallholder Diaries

A new CGAP report released today documents the financial lives of a select group of smallholders in three countries, offering a unique window into the struggles, risks and trade-offs they face on a daily basis.