Alexander Moler

As a research manager at InterMedia, Alex Moler is responsible for designing and implementing mixed-methodology research projects. In addition to his work with the smallholder farmer research, Alex currently manages InterMedia’s Financial Inclusion Insights research program in Bangladesh, India, and Indonesia, conducted on behalf of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, as well as CGAP's upcoming national DFS survey in Myanmar. Alex's expertise lies in implementing national-scale research projects in difficult research environments, targeting hard to reach populations. His project work has extended to Liberia, Somalia, Somaliland, and other countries throughout East Africa and South Asia. 

By Alexander Moler


National Survey and Segmentation of Smallholder Households in Bangladesh

CGAP conducted a nationally representative survey of smallholder households in Bangladesh in 2016. The survey explored the agricultural and nonagricultural activities, financial practices and interests, and challenges and aspirations of smallholder families in Bangladesh.