Alexia Latortue

Alexia is the Deputy Assistant Secretary for International Development & Debt, US Treasury. She was formerly Deputy CEO at CGAP.

By Alexia Latortue


Financial Access 2012

The annual Financial Access report aspires to include data on an increasing number of financial service providers. Financial Access 2012 builds on the work done in Financial Access 2009 and Financial Access 2010 to provide new data on financial access.

Financial Inclusion: Blurred Lines, Sharper Vision

Financial Access 2012 shows a clear—albeit nascent—recovery from the financial crisis, with growth rates of both deposit and loan penetration picking up. The world as a whole had 47 ATMs and 17 commercial bank branches per 100,000 adults in 2011.

Building Resilience through Access to Insurance

There is increasing recognition that poor people need access to a suite of varied financial services. In this context, there is increasing talk about insurance as an important financial service to help people mitigate, manage risks and protect assets.

What Do Practitioners Think Of Impact Research?

It is exciting to see the body of evidence on the impact of access to finance growing.

Emerging Perspectives on Youth Savings

This Focus Note examines the role of finance in the lives of low-income youth in developing countries.