Ben Taylor

Dr. Ben Taylor is the CEO of Agora Global and is an expert in systemic approaches to development. Ben has played a leading role in the conceptualisation, codification, and implantation of market systems development globally. His specialisms include applying the approach to new contexts such as education, water, post-conflict states, resilience and fragility, and basic services. He has global experience across six continents and specialises in Sub-Saharan Africa, particularly Ethiopia, where he has spent the last 20 years working. He has extensive experience in programme and intervention design, monitoring and evaluation, and technical advisory services.

Ben has worked for a wide range of public and private funders including DFID, USAID, SIDA, SDC, the World Bank, humanitarian focused NGOs such as GOAL and Mercy Corps, and Gatsby Africa. He currently holds academic positions on the board of several journals, guest lectureships, a Senior Research Fellowship at the University of Durham, and is a member of the Markets in Crisis Advisory Board.

By Ben Taylor


Designing Data Initiatives to Advance Financial Inclusion

Donors and DFIs are looking for ways to leverage the potential of data to achieve financial inclusion impact. Yet, evidence shows that the availability and quality of data doesn’t automatically translate to impact.