Craig Churchill

Craig Churchill is chief of the Social Finance Programme and the team leader of ILO's Impact Insurance Facility. He has more than two decades of microfinance experience in both developed and developing countries. In his current position as the chief of ILO’s Social Finance Programme, he focuses on the potential of financial services and policies to achieve social objectives. He serves on the governing board of the Access to Insurance Initiative and was the founding chair of the Microinsurance Network.

By Craig Churchill


How Financial Inclusion Can Boost a Nation’s Health & Well-Being

Low-income households often struggle with health expenses, and inadequate access to quality health care can drive families into poverty. To achieve good health and well-being, UN Sustainable Development Goal 3, financial inclusion can and should play a critical role.

Top 7 Opportunities for Funders to Advance Microinsurance

The Microinsurance Network and its members have identified interesting opportunities for donors and funders, based on experiments already underway, to further galvanize the sector.