Gabriel Davel

Gabriel Davel is the CEO of the Centre for Credit Market Development and the previous CEO of the National Credit Regulator in South Africa. He has extensive experience across Africa, Asia and the Middle East in financial regulation and in all aspects of credit market development and policy reform. His focus is on the development of credit market infrastructure and in particular on credit bureaus, credit guarantee funds and credit market analytics.

By Gabriel Davel


Has Fintech Closed the Credit Gap? Not by a Long Shot

If funders want to spur job creation and economic growth, they’ll need to close the credit gap for small businesses in emerging markets. But to do this, they can’t depend solely on fintech.

Over-indebtedness: Striking the Right Policy Balance

Debt stress is an inherent phase in the evolution of credit markets and in credit cycles, but it is also a significant source of instability.

Regulatory Options to Curb Debt Stress

This Focus Note argues that it is preferable to implement appropriate monitoring mechanisms and regulatory interventions at an early stage in credit market development, to detect potential debt stress and prevent reckless lending practices, thereby avoiding risks to financial markets, consumers, and the regulator’s credibility.

Debt Stress – A Harmless Cold or a Deadly Virus?

High debt stress holds serious risk for both consumers and for the lending industry.