Gabriel White

Gabriel is the founder of Small Surfaces, a user experience design and strategy consultancy that helps organizations around the world affect meaningful change through human-centered design. His work has helped social impact innovation leaders such as the Grameen Foundation, Ushahidi, Wave Money, FrontlineSMS, Refugees United, and Bridge International Academies deliver innovative and appropriate products and services.
Gabriel has deep expertise designing compelling digital tools for financial services in low- and middle-income countries across the world. His work in India, Myanmar, Pakistan, Uganda, Ghana, and Nigeria has helped financial services providers better understand people's needs, and then use those insights to design useful, usable, and appealing tools for customers, agents, and beyond.

By Gabriel White


Financial Services Apps in India

Smartphone applications offer a powerful tool for financial service providers to offer services to their customers—if done right. CGAP reviewed six smartphone apps currently available in India to find out what design elements are essential to fully deliver on the promise of marrying a financial service with a smartphone interface.