Heather Clark

By Heather Clark


Capacity Building Markets: Few and Far Between

Why are there so few vibrant capacity building service markets for financial services providers? And why are these “few” so far ahead of the rest?

New Directions for Funders: Insights and Perspectives

How can funders balance the need for flexibility and accountability requirements with partners while ensuring effective outcomes? The answer lies in defining a monitoring and impact evaluation system that includes a "theory of change," quick feedback loops and reasonable assumptions.

Can SmartAid Improve Accountability within Funders?

Interesting lessons came out of the recent CGAP Aid Effectiveness conference where the SmartAid Index for Microfinance was featured.

Implementing the Client Protection Principles

This second edition reflects the developments in implementation and practices of the Client Protection Principles into investors’ policies and processes over the past year.

Credit Components

Designed as inputs to larger projects with limited life spans, credit components run the risk of failing to provide the intended target groups with permanent access to financial services. This Donor Brief outlines some ways to make the most of credit components and minimize their downsides.