Jim Rosenberg

By Jim Rosenberg


West Africa Switches on Mobile Money: Headlines for June 22, 2010

We’ve been saying for awhile that mobile money will be less compelling in places where good alternatives to cash already exist, for example, in developed markets such as North America. Despite that, the folks who look after how payments get cleared has opened a door for mobile.

CGAP Releases New Research on Banking Agents in India

As part of a new series of research on agents and mobile/branchless banking, this month we started a series of blog posts about recent field visits with some of India’s most prominent organizations that make use of agents.

Rules of the Road for Branchless Banking in the Year 2020

What is the key purpose of having a scenarios session for policymakers during this seminar? The key has been to get people to focus on what the consequences of certain policy directives might have on how much – or how little – branchless banking truly increases access to financial services for the unbanked poor in the next decade.

Scenarios for 2020

How can government and private sector most affect the uptake and usage of branchless banking among the unserved majority by 2020?

CGAP Podcast with Jonathan Donner of Microsoft Research India

Jonathan Donner is a Researcher in the Technology for Emerging Markets Group at Microsoft Research India.