Jim Rosenberg

By Jim Rosenberg


The Role of Mobile Operators in Expanding Access to Finance

The fact that mobile phones can be used as transactional devices doesn’t necessarily mean that the mobile operator needs to “own” the financial services.

New CGAP Paper: Banking through Networks of Retail Agents

This Focus Note considers the issues, challenges, and opportunities of banking through networks of retail agents.

Why Has M-PESA Become So Popular in Kenya?

Despite the cash float problems, the majority of customers in both the urban and rural areas assert that they prefer M-PESA over other money transfer services. This means that M-PESA must be offering them some kind of substantial benefit.

New CGAP Paper Explores the Power of Shared Agent Networks

This Focus Note presents an alternative, systemic approach to branchless banking in which there is no need for a bank to have a contractual relationship with any of the retail outlets through which it is absorbing deposits or meeting liquidity needs of its customers.