Jonathan Morduch

By Jonathan Morduch


Formality and Informality: Lessons from the New Findex Survey

The Findex project helps to correct a long-standing imbalance in evidence on global finance: an abundance of data on the supply of financial services but curiously little that’s systematic and comparative about global demand.

Is Microfinance Research as Bad as Medical Research?

Microfinance research has its own set of concerns.

So How Exactly Do We Regulate Microfinance?

When it comes to prudential regulation – or safeguarding deposits – the stakes are particularly high. In microfinance, most MFIs aren’t big enough to threaten the health of the financial systems they’re part of if they run into trouble.

Is Microfinance an Effective Strategy to Reach the MDGs?

This paper reviews the mounting body of evidence showing that the availability of financial services for poor households (“microfinance”) is a critical contextual factor with strong impact on the achievement of the Milennium Development Goals.