Khin Moet Moet Nyein

Kay is a highly skilled data professional with 6 years of experience in the field. Kay has a proven track record of collaborating with cross-functional teams and providing technical expertise on data-related issues and has developed regular and customized reports and dashboards that have helped the organization fulfill their data needs.

At Yoma Bank, Kay played a key role in the development and successful launch of SMART Credit in 2018, an unsecured lending solution that utilizes data-driven credit scoring engine in collaboration with Experian. The project was recognized with the Best Data and Analytics Initiative Program award by The Asian Banker in 2019.

Kay holds a Master's degree in Business Administration from Cardiff University, Cardiff, UK.


By Khin Moet Moet Nyein


Business Intelligence: A Bedrock of Successful Digitization in Microfinance

Microfinance institutions that successfully generate value for their business and customers through digitization anchor these efforts in business intelligence. This Technical Note outlines an approach for improving business intelligence with interventions that require minimum or no investment in technology. CGAP also offers a customer dashboard library with detailed instructions for data teams and a tutorial video.