Matthew Soursourian

Matthew Soursourian is a financial consumer protection specialist. Previously, he was a financial sector analyst at CGAP, where his work focused on regulation and supervision, consumer protection, and research on the impact of financial inclusion. Before joining CGAP, he worked for the Office of Financial Empowerment at the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs, the International Finance Corporation in New Delhi, and the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.

By Matthew Soursourian


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Financial health can be a useful concept for those working toward financial inclusion, but it also presents challenges.

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A Digital Credit Revolution: Insights from Borrowers in Kenya and Tanzania

To identify who is using digital credit, the purposes for which it is used, and the risks borrowers experience, CGAP, FSD Kenya, and FSD Tanzania undertook the first large-scale surveys dedicated to these topics.

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Just like customers themselves, providers deeply value the protection and security of the customer data they hold. They just have different reasons.

A Six-Ingredient Recipe for Data Protection

While data breaches in high-income countries dominate the news, data protection is also emerging as a major issue in lower-income countries. Here are six key questions to ask when evaluating a country’s legal protections for its citizens’ personal data.