Melissa Victor

Melissa Victor is a consultant and Financial Sector Analyst working with CGAP's Policy Team.

By Melissa Victor


How to Make the Graduation Approach Work for Refugees

The graduation approach is proven to lift families out of extreme poverty. Organizations on the frontier of humanitarian crises say it also works for refugees.

Adapting the Graduation Approach for People with Disabilities

Here are nine lessons for how donors can adapt the graduation approach to help low-income people with disabilities build sustainable livelihoods.

The Graduation Approach: Building Partnerships with Governments

In Rwanda, the government is an active and engaged partner and strong buy-in from political leadership has helped ensure the success of some development interventions. Concern Worldwide’s adaptation of the Graduation Approach targeting vulnerable households is one such example.

Focusing on the Poorest: What Does the Research Tell Us?

A new article in Science explains that the Graduation Approach is not only impressive, but has a lasting impact on the lives of the poorest.

The BOMA Project: Building Resiliency in the Arid Lands

The BOMA Project is a nonprofit and Kenyan NGO that implements a two-year poverty graduation program in Northern Kenya. BOMA’s Rural Entrepreneur Access Project builds the resiliency of arid-land residents, so they can survive drought and adapt to climate change.