Pedro Guillermo Ortner

Pedro has 8 years of experience working in the Financial Retail business in Latin America implementing innovations in the industry. From 2004 to 2006 he worked in CMR (Falabella´s close credit card) dedicated primarily to implement new costumer relationship channels (internet and self attended kiosks), a new collection platform and restructuring the acquiring business in Argentina. He then joined Cencosud to integrate the working group for the start up of the retailer credit card in Argentina (2006-2012) where he also led projects such as Cencosud´s first credit card trust and the start up of the open MasterCard-Cencosud credit card.

By Pedro Guillermo Ortner


Can Retailers and MNOs Provide More Efficient Financial Services?

When it comes to financial inclusion, retail has been one of the late driving forces in Latin America. In the past, banks have been unable to cater to over 50% percent of households in the region. Retailers have filled some of this gap and have started offering formal financial services to millions of previously unbanked customers.