Ram Tamara

Dr. Ram Tamara, a vice president and senior economist at Nathan Associates, specializes in using advanced quantitative techniques to analyze data gathered through primary research (surveys) and secondary sources including transactions data to help for-profit, not-for-profit, and government agencies make strategic decisions. His work ranges from solving business problems, to evaluating the economic impact of government policies, regulations, and socioeconomic interventions, to advising on antitrust matters. As a project manager, Dr. Tamara has worked on large-scale multi-year consulting assignments. He has managed and led teams of economists and analysts. He helped to establish Nathan India, a leading provider of data analytics, and economic analysis in India.


By Ram Tamara


Smallholder Households: Distinct Segments, Different Needs

CGAP research identifies three segments of smallholder households and uses data from nationally representative surveys of smallholder households to outline recommendations on high-value financial solutions.