Timothy Ogden

Timothy Ogden is Managing Director of the Financial Access Initiative, a research center housed at NYU-Wagner focused on how financial services can better meet the needs and improve the lives of low-income households; and a senior fellow of the Aspen Institute’s Economic Opportunities Program. He was also managing director of the US Financial Diaries project, a joint initiative between NYU and CFSI which tracked the financial lives of 235 US household for a full year. Tim writes and speaks frequently on topics of financial inclusion and financial services innovation. He has developed and edited more than 20 books, and is currently working on Financial Inclusion: What Everyone Needs to Know and Automated Conversations: Perspectives on AI and Big Data in Economics.

By Timothy Ogden


COVID-19: How Does Microfinance Weather the Coming Storm?

If the microfinance sector is going to survive the pandemic, we need to treat COVID-19 as the fundamental threat to the industry that it likely is. The millions who rely on inclusive finance to borrow, save and spend money are counting on us.

Learning from Financial Inclusion Research: What Should We Expect?

Impact evaluations, reviews, reviews of reviews— there's no shortage of research on whether and how financial inclusion impacts the poor. What should we expect to learn from this growing body of work?