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Which Kind of Microfinance Institutions Can Serve Women Best?

CGAP and MFR analysis of 300+ MFIs explores the trends, challenges, and successes in closing the gender credit gap for smaller borrowers and identifies optimal designs for supporting more women clients, more equitably, and in more parts of the world.

Driving Change: Hello Tractor and ABERA

CGAP, IDH, FSD Network & FSD Kenya are working with Hello Tractor as part of ABERA, which empowers rural women in agriculture. We aim to address gender and climate challenges while strengthening Hello Tractor's business and financial service links.

Regulating Finance for Gender Equality: A New Approach

Financial regulators and market facilitators across the African continent have the opportunity to redefine financial sector policymaking, ensuring that gender inclusivity is at the heart of its economic agenda, beginning with these recommendations.