Advancing DFS Reforms Through Public-Private Dialogue: Lessons for Funders


27 February 2020 9:00 am - 10:00 am EST
This event has concluded.

A common barrier to effective regulatory reform is the lack of established communication channels between regulators and the industry. This is particularly true in the DFS market, which involves new, non-financial players and spans the mandate of multiple regulators. Development partners and facilitators can address that by supporting public-private dialogue (PPD). PPD help build trust between regulators and the industry and lay the foundation for joint problem analysis and identification of reforms that contribute to a more conducive environment for DFS.

In this webinar, speakers discussed:

  • AFI’s role in facilitating and supporting PPD processes for member regulators
  • GIZ’s experience in facilitating PPD between DFS providers and CBJ in the Digi#ances Project in Jordan
  • DEVCO’s PPD capacity building program for EC delegations

Event Resources

Event presentation >>

This webinar built on the CGAP webinar Drivers and Barriers of Regulatory Change Processes in Digital Finance >>


Photo of Silvia Baur-Yazbeck

Silvia Baur-Yazbeck | CGAP

Silvia works with CGAP on financial sector regulation, government payments and funder guidance. Her work focuses on consumer risks and opportunities emerging from the digitization of financial services and the growing interconnectedness of financial systems.

Photo of Ilya Sverdlov

Ilya Sverdlov | Alliance for Financial Inclusion

Ilya has been with AFI since 2013. As Head of Global Partnerships, he oversees AFI’s diverse network of stakeholder relationships including AFI’s funding portfolio, public-private cooperation, and engagement with multilateral agencies, government agencies and academia These partnerships support financial inclusion policy implementation in developing and emerging markets across the AFI network. Prior to joining AFI, Ilya held various positions in the World Bank Group, Yale University and in the private sector.  
Bilal Hagen

Bilal Hagen | GIZ

Since July 2019, Bilal has served as head of project for the GIZ project Digi#ances supporting the development of digital financial services in Jordan, and previously worked as coordinator for the Jordanian team in a GIZ regional project advising the Central Bank of Jordan on the Development of Financial Inclusion Strategy and Microfinance. Prior to his current position, he worked for the GIZ in Laos as an advisor and team coordinator at the programme named Access to Finance for the Poor, advising regional network organisations supporting the development of village banks and being responsible for capacity and concept development. 

Laura Atienza

Laura Atienza | DEVCO

Since 2014, Laura has served as a Policy and Programme Officer at the European Commission in Brussels at the International Partnerships Directorate General. She currently works in the implementation of the External Investment Plan and in particular in public-private dialogue and investment climate improvement. She previously managed the ELAN programme of support to Latin American and EU companies to increase business development and the EU blending facility for Latin America. Since 2001 she has developed her career in development cooperation mostly in supporting private sector development and trade.