Financial Solutions for Smallholders in Bangladesh


31 May 2017 10:00 am - 11:00 am EDT

Bangladesh has long been a global leader in expanding access to financial services among impoverished rural populations, increasingly via digital solutions. Yet more than half of the country's smallholder families remain financially excluded, constituting a client segment with significant potential for financial service providers.

In a webinar on May 31, CGAP and partner InterMedia presented the findings from a nationwide survey of smallholder households in Bangladesh — the first survey of its kind in the country — highlighting the challenges and opportunities for delivering better financial solutions grounded in evidence.

Guest speakers Md. Majidul Haque, digital financial services technical lead for USAID's mSTAR project, and Shameran Abed, director of the BRAC microfinance and ultra poor programs, discussed the implications of these findings for the growing number of local initiatives that promote digital financial services for the rural population.

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