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Financial Access 2011: An Overview of the Supply-Side Data Landscape

Financial Access 2011 presents an overview of the landscape of financial inclusion data, with a focus on supply-side data. It is markedly different from the two previous reports, published by CGAP and the World Bank Group, which provided data on the state of financial inclusion.

The overview of this report (Part 2) discusses the landscape of financial inclusion data, with a presentation of key demand- and supply-side data sources and a brief look at the findings from Financial Access 2010. Part 3 provides a discussion of supply-side data, with information on country-level data and how global-level data build on it. Part 4 focuses on the gaps in financial inclusion data and recommends ways these can be addressed by different stakeholders.

The final section offers the perspectives of leading experts on financial inclusion data. Their first-hand experiences and reflections provide insights on why data are important and how the creators and users of data can make progress, both in data collection and in the use of data to further financial inclusion.


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